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Jafanda JF999&JF100 Bundle - Jafanda


The JF999 is a more powerful air purifier that is perfect for larger spaces. It also features a HEPA filtration system and has a number of additional features, such as a child lock and an auto mode.

Dual-in & Dual-out Technology

JF999 large air purifier adopt the latest air delivery Patent Tech, equipped with TWO Fans to delivery the air Dual-in and Dual-out, accelerate air circulation. 

TRUE HEPA H13 Air Filter

Certified by the third testing labs to capture and remove 99.99% H1N1 virus down to 0.1 microns.

Smart App & Voice Control

Control your purifier remotely via Alexa and check filter lifespan with free smart App.

1.69 lb Activated Carbon

Two 1.69 lb Activated Honeycomb Carbon filters effectively remove Vocs, cooking odors, pet odor, etc.

Smart LED Display

The digital display shows real-time PM2.5, temperature & humidity, with the light ring color changed to remind you of the air quality.

User-friendly Design

With caster wheels and hidden handles, you can easily move it around when needed.

Sensor Protection Net

The PM2.5 sensor is well-designed to install on the back of purifier, to ensure that the indoor air quality can be accurately detected real time, without being disturbed by the airflow purified from two sides.

Why Clean Air Matters

True HEPA Air Purifier for Allergies & Asthma

Technical Specifications

Power Source AC120V/60HZ
Item Weight 27.12 Pounds
Purification Area(1X/Hours) 4575ft²(425m²)
Purification Area(5X/Hours) 915ft²(85m²)
Wattage 110W
Control Method Touch
Product Dimensions 11.81 x 12.99 x 28.03 inches
Activated Carbon Filter 766g Columnar Activated Carbon
HEPA Filter H13
Package List 1 x JF999 Air Purifier
2 x True HEPA Filter (Pre-Installed)
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x User Manual

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