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The story of Jafanda air purifier began in 2011

When a team of environmentalists and engineers set up in Germany, dedicated to the design and development of air purification system. It all started with a simple belief: to provide cleaner, safer air for people suffering from air pollution. 

"Jafanda's TRUE HEPA H13 filtration removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns"

— Steve Jordans

At Jafanda, we put customer satisfaction as the top priority.

Each product we produce is specially chosen to meet the needs of customers, and goes through strict quality control to reach the highest standards. We believe clean, safe air is a fundamental element of life and key ingredient of indoor experience. We aim to revolutionize air purification and design the most versatile and sustainable air purifier, allowing everyone to live a healthier life indoors and out. 

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